Party Tips

  1. Want to keep up with all fun party action? The Party Hosts tweets can be found in the center tweet column on the Party Tweet Grid!
  2. Win the Early Bird prize by sharing a tweet about the Twitter Party during the RSVP process! See Party Rules for more details.
  3. What are we tweeting about? Watch the green bar above tweet columns for the most recent party questions and for prize announcements!
  4. Who is tweeting to you? Find all tweets to you in the tweet column on the right side of the Party Tweet Grid!
  5. Hover over any tweet to find clickable tools to help you connect with others on the Party Tweet Grid!
  6. Click the white conversation box icon on any tweet in the columns to reply to someone! It adds their Twitter handle to the Tweet Creation Box!
  7. Send tweet to a group? Add more Twitter handles to your tweets by clicking on conversation box icon on each user's tweet! Automatically adds their handle to the Tweet Creation Box!
  8. Find more options for interacting with others at the party by clicking on the gear icon! Follow Twitter handles, send DMs and retweet others and add comments to retweets!
  9. Click on any tweet in any tweet column to turn the individual tweet purple, making it easy to find column streams!
  10. Want to close the gear icon Tool Box? Click the Escape button on your keyboard or use one of the tools to close the Tool Box!
  11. Check the SoFabChats Party Calendar often to find all upcoming Twitter Parties! Party Calendar is updated at least once per week!
  12. Learn more about each Twitter Party and RSVP on the Party Information Page by clicking on party link in the Twitter Party Calendar!
  13. On Party Information Page RSVP and find time and date, party topic, Twitter handles to follow, prizes to be given away, official party rules, and link to Party Tweet Grid!
  14. Important! Before joining a Twitter Party on Party Tweet Grid, be certain to sign in with Twitter via green bar above Twitter Party Calendar!
  15. Early Bird Prize Winners are randomly selected from all entries and awarded during the Twitter Party. RSVP and join us to see if you are lucky winner!
  16. It's easy to stay in the loop about upcoming SoFabChats Twitter Parties! Sign up for email newsletter when you RSVP!
  17. More chances to win! Sign in with Twitter, RSVP for the party, follow Twitter handles listed on Party Information Page and tweet with us during the party to be eligible to win more prizes!
  18. New to Twitter Parties? Jump into the conversation by tweeting from the Party Tweet Grid. Find the Tweet Creation Box above the Tweet columns.
  19. The tweeting is easy when you join in a Twitter Party on SoFabChats! Party Hashtag is automatically included in your tweets!