#BeautyInspiration #BeautyInspiration

Do you need a way to freshen up your spring beauty routine? If so, join us at the #BeautyInspiration Twitter Party where we'll be sharing tutorials for fabulous yet simple makeup looks as well as sharing some amazing Rimmel products that will help you achieve that flawless spring look you've been longing for! So get ready to discover a beautiful new you and join us for this fun party!


  • Grand Prize: $100 Walmart GC & Rimmel Gift Basket
  • Prize 8: Rimmel Gift Basket
  • Prize 7: $100 Walmart Gift Card
  • Prize 6: Rimmel Gift Basket
  • Prize 5: $100 Walmart Gift Card
  • Prize 4: Rimmel Gift Basket
  • Prize 3: $100 Walmart Gift Card
  • Prize 2: Rimmel Gift Basket
  • Prize 1: $100 Walmart Gift Card
  • Early Bird: $50 Walmart Gift Card
Wed, 16 Apr 2014 1:00PM EST

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